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Killer Instinct Factory Hardware

Which Killer Instinct hardware do I have?
Killer Instinct Motherboard Identification

Killer Instinct PCB (2,826px by 2,268px)
Killer Instinct 2 PCB (Dedicated) (2,938px by 3,000px)
Killer Instinct 2 (Conversion Hardware Installed)

(Hard drive removed from plastic clamshell in this image...)

Killer Instinct 2 (Conversion) Hard Drive Interface PCB - KI 2 Conversion IDE Interface PCB
Killer Instinct Hard Drive - Image of the original Killer Instinct Seagate ST9150AG hard drive
Killer Instinct 2 Hard Drive - Image of the original Killer Instinct Seagate ST9420AG hard drive
Technical Repair Data - Board level components and technical datasheets

Killer Instinct Hard Drive Replacement Kits
Installation and Information

ROMs are simple to remove when using a 'chip lifter' tool.
ROM Installation - Properly align the notch on the boot ROM with the silkscreened outline on the game pcb.
ROM Removal Video - A short MP4 video showing how to remove the boor ROM (u98) using a flathead screwdriver.

CF-IDE Adapter Installation - An image of a properly installed Killer Inctinct hard drive replacement CF-Adapter
KI2 Conversion CF-IDE Adapter Installation - A 'straight' female 44-pin cf-ide adapter (provided) for simple installation!

Archive: Cabled CF-IDE Adapter Installation - An image of the old-style cabled edition KI CompactFlash kit
Archive: 4-Pin Molex Desktop IDE Connector - An image of the power adapter required to connect a desktop IDE drive
to the Killer Instinct power supply (Yellow: +12V, Red: +5V, Blacks: Ground)
(Yes, this will work as long as you add the physical 40-pin IDE header to your KI motherboard or use a 44 to 40 pin adapter...)

If you install your boot ROM backwards, you will see a blank screen when you power your game up.
After you realize your mistake and attempt install the ROM correctly...Killer Combo!
Yes, it's toast! E-mail me about a replacement...

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